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4LearningXecs Readers Identify Top Learning Trends

Survey imageIn our End of Year Bonus issue e-newsletter we asked you tell us about your most important challenges and initiatives. Results have been coming in steadily over the past month. Here is a snapshot of your survey responses…

Who responded to the survey?
CLO/ VP of Training: 10%
Director/Manager of Training: 37%
Instructional Designer: 10%
Training Specialist/Learning Consultant: 31%
Other: 12%

What Are Your Top 3 Learning Challenges?
You identified many learning challenges with the most comments focusing on:

1. Reduced Budget & Doing More with Less
A sampling of responses: "Diminishing budget.” "Fixed number of staff or decrease in staff.” "Meeting different needs of departments.” "Keeping costs down.”
"Expanded scope with fewer resources (head count).”

2. Creating Impact and Assuring ROI
A sampling of responses: “Demonstrating ROI to senior management.” “Performance measurements and skill assessments.” “Creating valid and effective assessments.” “Linking operations metrics to training.”

3. Broadening Learning Development
A sampling of responses: “Developing tomorrow’s leaders, today.” “Supervisor development.” “Building accountability into front line leadership roles.” “Management development.”

What Learning Initiatives Are Important to You?
Compliance—Comes out on top with 73% noted that Compliance is "Extremely Important”
or "Important”.

Performance Management—41% noted that Performance Management is "Extremely Important”
or "Important.”

Training Content Creation—37% said that Content Creation is "Extremely Important”
or "Important.”

LMS/LCMS Purchase/Implementation—50% of respondents noted that this is "Extremely
Important” or "Important.”

Demonstrating ROI to Senior Management—40% identified this as "Extremely Important”
or "Important.”

Moving ITL Training Online—37% described this issue as being "Extremely Important”
or "Important.”

How does your overall training budget for 2009 compare to 2008?
Increase: 20%
Decrease: 43%
Stay the Same: 37%

How do you demonstrate the ROI of your learning program to senior management?
A sampling of responses: "Employee satisfaction surveys, employee turnover and word of mouth.” "Historically it is has been unstructured. In 2009 it will be more formal.” "Level 3 surveys.” "P&L of training organization, the number of trained students and customer satisfaction.”

How often do you demonstrate the ROI of your learning program to senior management?
Monthly: 24%
Quarterly: 27%
Twice per year: 17%
Annually: 32%

Thanks to all who participated in the survey. Look for future surveys and trends to appear in the 4LearningXecs.

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