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Some reports talking about people

Last week I received an email w/ a new report released from Profiles International, a global leader in employment evaluation and human resource management assessment tools. The main proposal is identifying five critical components of management failure.

The "critical components" and remedies for preventing derailment and improving performance are:

1. Poor interpersonal and communication skills
• Understand the true root cause of conflict
• Understand the manager’s natural style and motives
• Help the manager understand his natural communication style

2. Inadequate leadership skills
• Clarify the team’s purpose and goals with the manager
• Help the manager understand his people
• Help the manager understand his leadership style and motivation
• Provide feedback from multiple constituents to the manager

3 Resistance to change 3. Resistance to change
• Understand the manager’s appetite for change
• Help the manager understand his natural aversion to change
• Ensure that the manager is focused on the new priorities

4. Inability to deliver expected results
• Clarify the expected results and goals
• Understand the manager’s degree of goal orientation
• Inspect what you expect

5. Inability to see beyond their functional silo
• Clarify how the manager’s role supports others in the organization
• Include the manager in at least one cross‐functional team
• Establish at least one cross‐functional goal for the manager
• Monitor the manager’s developmental progress

If you want to download the full report click here.

Profiles has other reports and the most recent is the "America's Most Productive Companies: the 2009 Winners and What Makes Them Great". They describe this report as the "most comprehensive study of human capital productivity" wich covers almost 14M people in over 1,6k companies in 175 industries.

All reports could be downloaded separately by industry; cool! Click here.
If you want just a summary click here.

Giancarlo Colombo

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