terça-feira, janeiro 12, 2010

Have a 2010 good meetings!

First off all, have a wordeful 20/10! I hope you can do all the best for you, for your time, for your life.

In the spirit of the New Year, here is my principal business resolution and I suggest you think about it. If I done this well would be plenty - and I will!

Good meeting rhythm

I want to keep my strategic plan alive for my business and I will set aside 20 customer's meetings each month (minimum) adding two-hour meeting with the management team work only on strategic matters .Support the day2day workings of the business by holding weekly one-hour operational meetings. Start the year afresh by booking these meetings in the calendar and make the meetings non-negotiable, no one should be too busy to attend.

The presentations and documents related to show will be create using some techniques such slides shared by Barbra Gago and Scott Schwertly (thank you both) as a follows:

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