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3G Enhances Mobile learning

Mobile learning has been around for a while; it refers to the idea of lifelong learning under the guidance of the use of mobile communications devices such as mobile phones, PDA, MP4 and handheld e-book reader devices.

With the acceleration of the 3G technology, mobile learning really enables learners to learn at anytime they want and anywhere they want. From Twitter to iPhone, mobile learning has taken giant step forward. But this service have no participation mark for classes in Brazil - just in some business classes in big cities - and not at all.

I know that students couldn't buy a R$ 1.000 iPhone or similar handheld with 3G mobile internet access. Added R$ 100/200 monthly fee... no chance! But I truly believe the yet expensive data plans will soon be lowered just like how the voice plans have been dropped for cell phone users.

Today in Europe, there are government funded research projects on using the portable mobile devices to provide information and learning content to enable learning for those whom are unable to participate in school. The learning content focuses on the interesting topics of the young generation such as soccer, music, etc., as well as to develop their language ability and mathematical knowledge.

At the same time the SLL (Stanford University Learning Lab) in USA believes that by helping us to stay connected with each the web, the mobile devices today are helping us to fill up the "debris" time. They have developed mobile based language learning modules that involves vocabulary memorization, self tests, repeating excises and much more. They also studies how are these mobile content helping the learners to achieve a better mark in schools.

In Asia, mobile devices are much more popular in some countries than in North America. Their 3G network is also more advanced than other part of the world. Asian learners are already using their mobile devices to access rich media based learning contents such as video, audio and flash based learning tools.

I know and understand what is happening today is only the beginning of the beginning of the new generation for m-learning apps, and the developing time is the key for success. The mobile learning environment take the same way.I don't know (who knows?) what I'll be the kill app in this market and just to remember, first and foremost, we need a large and a stable 3G network in Brazil.

For many years we had no idea about the impact of PCs, note and netbooks or mobile devices and today we can't live without them. This also happens with the learning, with m-learning - you can book this.

GC (w/ Tim Wang blog sources)

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