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The Masie's learning focus

Let me explain something. Elliot Maisie is one of the most important worldwide e-learning speakers. Below I show a little bit of PDFs from his site - The Masie Center's Learning Consortium.

Gaming for Learning (view PDF) represents a family of methodologies and technologies for developing new models of learning, training and performance improvement. Gaming for Learning is not a panacea for solving all of learning and training issues; instead Masie believes it should be regarded as a set of tools and techniques with much to offer.

Game-Based Learning (view PDF) by Kurt Squire, University of Wisconsin-Madison. The CONSORTIUM funded the development of this Perspectives research paper to push our thinking about the future of Learning. Kurt has written a provocative and passionate paper about the current and future roles for Gaming in Learning.

Learning Techology Acceptance Study (view PDF). The MASIE Center and ASTD partnered on a study entitled, "If we build it, will they come?" This research helps us better understand how organizations can increase learner use and acceptance of e-learning technology. 

For complete list of Masie's articles, podcasts and free digital books click here


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